Smart Water Management

The world today has countless global threats and challenges and so has the global water industry. There are many agents that are responsible for these challenges and crises. These include urban population growth, the pollution and the influence of many pollutants that exist in the system

It is a known fact that water leakage/wastage on a very vast scale is happening in every place. There are reports that conclude that around $3.0 billion gets spent almost every year.

To make earth green and wealth, PSL came with Smart Water management and monitoring systems can provide help as water solution providers. These combines using different devices and create a smart water management solution. These are proficient in monitoring leakage detection in real-time. Also, these help in increasing the quality of water, managing water usage by using sensors

PSL help in detecting water usage across and repair water leakages at every tap level. If companies and Home start implementing PSL IoT water management system to manage water, our earth and generation will lead to happy life and you will make sure you’re being as water efficient as possible.

Home Water

In most countries, 20-25% of the fresh water produced is lost due to leakages in the public water network. Billions of Money are wasted each year across the world because pipelines cannot be effectively and efficiently monitored

Agriculture – Irrigation

Control & automation of irrigation gets more and more important to give crops and cattle the best possible conditions. The challenge is to master the control & automation remotely

Industrial Water

Remote monitoring of industrial processes was been implemented a long time ago but the new IoT era unleash a new level of potential for optimisations, but the need of solid power supply and secure, wireless communication persists

Smart Energy
The remote lighting system allows user to remotely. . .

Smart Gas
Prevent gas leakage and damage by using Phantom App. . .

Smart Intelligent
No matter how far away,you can control. . .
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